Altar Set-up & Water bowl offerings, Lama Zopa Rinpoche


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A complete explanation of how to set up a personal altar, how to make water bowl offerings, and how to offer them in the most extensive and beneficial way. This edition includes information on water bowls, meditations to use while doing the practice, and a mantra to recite when removing food offerings from the altar to avoid creating the karma of stealing from the Triple Gem.
Contents Include:

– Altar Set-up and Water Bowl Offerings

– The Practice of Offering by Lama Zopa Rinpoche

– Guidelines for Completing 100,000 Water Bowl Offerings

– Extensive Offering Practice

– Light Offering Prayer by Lama Atisha

– Appendix: How to Fill a Small Statue

The practice of offering 100,000 water bowls is one of nine preliminary practices or “ngöndros” performed in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. The preliminary practices are designed to accumulate merit and purify negativities in order to quickly generate realizations on the path. They are also done in preparation for longer tantric retreats. The nine preliminaries are to do 100,000 repetitions related to the following practices: prostrations, mandala offerings, guru yoga, Vajrasattva, Damtsig Dorje, Dorje Khadro, tsa-tsas, water bowl offerings, and refuge.