CD TIBET Music for meditation, Gyoto Monks & Chris Hinze

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Tibetan Gyuto Monks Live
feat Chris Hinze

In the spring of 1998 a third album in Hinze’s Tibet series was released: Tibetan Gyuto Monks Live. Live, because the album contains recordings of Hinze’s 1997 concert tour ‘Tibet Impressions Live’ with the Tibetan Gyuto monks and dancers and singers from T.I.P.A. (Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts).This was one of the most magnificent and remarkable tours in Hinze’s career. What makes these recordings remarkable is that night after night Hinze imagined himself in a temple where monks conducted a puja (a religious ceremony) while he improvised on the flute and thus became part of the ceremony. This was played to packed venues where a breathless audience added an extra dimension to the performance.